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Is there life after law?


Leaving behind a lucrative career as a Wall Street corporate lawyer for a more personally rewarding career as the development director of a non-profit organization dedicated to launching the careers of great young musicians enabled Sara Sill to resume her own creative pursuits in the visual arts.

Her first exhibit, “Visual Songs,” March 18 – 27, 2003 at the National Arts Club, Marquis Gallery, 15 Gramercy Park South features photo collage paintings that reflect her passions for music, architecture and travel.

"It is only natural that being surrounded by music, its influence can be seen in my art. My first collage was inspired by a trip to Venice. Trying to photograph the experience of floating on the Grand Canal, I realized that the essence of Venice is about movement through the water over time, and therefore no one picture capturing but a single moment would suffice. The idea came to me to combine a sequence of images that would convey a temporal journey, like a ‘visual song.’ The result was a five-foot long horizontal collage made up of photos, paintings, sketches and found objects from my trip. It can be read like a score of music. In fact, to appreciate it fully you have to move physically from measure to measure.”

Many of Miss Sill’s collages are created while she travels. She uses a "point-and-shoot" camera and has the film developed locally. The serendipitous results are part of the creative adventure.

Her photos are transformed through various collage techniques into evocative paintings that dramatically highlight the themes she has captured through the lens. For example, many of the works she created in Greece, such as “The Sea of Tables,” incorporate some reference to the Aegean and its teal blue colors that she associates with that country.


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