and Spacious Reveries







“Sweet Rambles and Spacious Reveries,” an exhibition of work in mixed-media by artist Sara Sill, will be on  public view at The National Arts Club, 15 Gramercy Park South at 20th Street from May 19 - June 1, 2004.

The exhibition, Sill’s second at The National Arts Club, is a celebration of traditional collage techniques and encompasses works inspired by her travels abroad, as well as her unique introspective sojourns.

While the digital age has spawned a vast array of possibilities for manipulating images electronically, Sill prefers to create photo-collages the traditional way, with scissors, glue, colored pencils and paint. Using these “low-tech” methods, she transforms images from photographs taken with a simple point-and-shoot camera into evocative, mood-filled paintings.

Sill's interests in architecture and music are apparent in her work. She is inspired by graphic patterns of shapes, shadows and colors that characterize a particular place. She picks up on the rhythmic components of a landscape or scene, illuminating its musical qualities. Her representational collages are filled with visual puns and subtle details. “My work is meant to be enjoyed on many levels,” she says. “I want the viewers to be moved immediately by the whole, yet, when they look more closely, they will see that it is made up of separate stories.”

The title of her show comes from an Emily Dickinson quote, “I hope your rambles have been sweet and your reveries spacious.” According to Sill, “it described perfectly the content of my works, which are about the joys of traveling, daydreaming, and most importantly having the space for self-expression.”

Images may be viewed by clicking here.

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