Off the Wall: Discovering Beauty in Unexpected Places - A Visual Treasure Hunt



Works by Artist Sara Sill

On Exhibit February 3 – 13, 2006


National Arts Club


Marquis Gallery


15 Gramercy Park South (at 18th Street)


New York, New York


(212) 475-3424




Artist Sara Sill is known for incorporating photographic sources into her mixed media paintings. Most recently she became interested in using photography to collect shapes and colors for her work. The inspiration occurred on a trip to Italy, during which she was particularly struck by the great palette of hues and the textures on the facades of buildings, some of which had been repainted multiple times over several centuries.

In the process of photographing these walls, she began to see hidden images, people and landscapes in the patches, discolorations and layers of paint. Searching for these images in unexpected places and revealing them became the new objective of her photographs and resulting paintings.

The exhibited works are the products of Sill’s visual treasure hunt. They bring to light her unique way of seeing things simultaneously as they are and as they are imagined.

“Off the Wall” celebrates the joy of seeking and discovering beauty in unlikely places.


Images may be viewed by clicking here.

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